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Apple AirPods Max offers a stylish design with solid build quality, delivering exceptional audio performance. Its active noise cancellation and transparency mode ensure high-quality sound free from external noise. The headphones provide a comfortable fit, balancing strength, flexibility, and comfort.

With the Digital Crown, you can easily control volume, music playback, calls, and Siri. The audio performance is seamless, thanks to the latest technology and specially designed drivers, offering clarity in mids, clear highs, and deep bass.

The AirPods Max features excellent noise cancellation with multiple microphones monitoring and blocking out external sounds. The Apple H1 processor supports adaptive EQ, active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and spatial audio for a premium audio experience.

The battery life is impressive, providing up to 20 hours of usage with active noise cancellation and spatial audio turned on. A quick 5-minute charge gives you 1.5 hours of listening time via the Lightning connection. Overall, the AirPods Max offers an extraordinary personal listening experience with superior comfort.


How many hours can AirPods Max last?

The Apple AirPods Max can last up to 20 hours of listening time, talk time, or movie playback with Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio turned on. Additionally, a quick 5-minute charge can provide approximately 1.5 hours of listening time.

What makes Airpod Max different?

From the cushioned ear cups to the breathable knit mesh canopy, every aspect of the AirPods Max design is meticulously crafted to provide an uncompromising fit and optimal acoustic seal for a wide range of head shapes. The soft and acoustically designed memory foam ear cushions gently conform to your ears, ensuring a comfortable and immersive listening experience.The canopy, made from a breathable knit mesh material, spans the headband and evenly distributes the weight of the headphones to lessen on-head pressure, allowing you to wear the AirPods Max for extended periods without discomfort.Together, these design elements create a surprising balance of strength, flexibility, and comfort, making the AirPods Max an ideal choice for enjoying high-fidelity audio in the most comfortable and immersive way possible.

Is Airpod Max waterproof?

The AirPods Max is not waterproof, nor is it water-resistant. It is recommended to avoid exposing the AirPods Max to water or any liquid, and it’s important to keep them away from heavy rain or water sources to prevent damage to the device.

What are AirPods Max made of?

The AirPods Max features a unique and bespoke design that sets it apart from other headphones. The top portion of the headphones is crafted from stainless steel, providing durability and a premium look. It is then coated with a soft-touch material, similar to silicone, ensuring a comfortable feel during extended use.

The canopy, which spans the headband, is made from a proprietary mesh designed to rest gently atop your head, distributing weight evenly and reducing pressure for a more comfortable fit. This thoughtful design aims to provide users with a luxurious and immersive listening experience, both in terms of audio quality and physical comfort.

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